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97th Signal Battalion   Activated: 10 Apr 1942 at Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Inactivated: 17 Sep 1993 at Fort Gordon, Georgia

Important dates in the History of the Battalion as seen through the eyes and memories of one "TRIED AND TRUER" that was "THERE".

06 Oct 1944 – Departed Camp Polk, Louisiana by train for Camp Shanks, New York.
09 Oct 1944 – Arrived Camp Shanks, New York.
13 Oct 1944 – Departed Camp Shanks, New York.  Boarded (English) ship "Largsbay"
14 Oct 1944 – Departed Brooklyn Harbor, passed Statue of Liberty.
25 Oct 1944 – Arrived Plymouth, England harbor.  Debarked.
25 Oct 1944 – Arrived by train Arnsworth House, New Alresford, England.
02 Dec 1944 – Departed New Alresford and arrived 3 December at Weymouth Harbor and boarded an American Navy LST.
06 Dec 1944 – Departed Weymouth, England and arrived LeHarve Harbor, France.
07 Dec 1944 – Departed down Seine River to Rouen, France.
08 Dec 1944 – Arrived Rouen France – Debarked and bivouaced outside Rouen.
09 Dec 1944 – Departed Rouen, France by motor convoy – Bivouaced outside Mons, Belgium overnight.
10 Dec 1944 – Departed Mons and arrived Cortessum, Belgium.
17 Dec 1944 – First strafing & bombing by German planes. (Battle of the Bulge)
22 Dec 1944 – Departed Cortessum, Belgium by motor convoy. Arrived Heerland, Holland
27 Dec 1944 – Departed Heerland, Holland by motor convoy.
28 Dec 1944 – Arrived Awan, Belgium (Near Luxemburg) Received 2nd bombing attack.  Observed a V–1 Buzz Bomb shot down by ack–ack (AAA).
Departed Awan by motor convoy.  Arrived back in Heerland, Holland.
01 & 16 Jan 1945 – Received strafing and bombing attacks.
09 Feb 1945 – Departed Heerland, arrived Leijenbruck, Holland.
04 Mar 1945 – Departed Leijenbruck, Holland, arrived Kaldenkirchen, Germany by motor convoy.
08 Mar 1945 – Departed Kaldenkirchen, arrived Nieder–Eyll, Germany.
19 Mar 1945 – Departed Nieder–Eyll, arrived Linfort, Germany.
29 Mar 1945 – Departed Linfort, crossed Rhine River 1/2 day after the river was taken.  Arrived Bruckhausen, Germany.
07 Apr 1945 – Departed Bruckhausen, arrived Recklinghausen, Germany.
(Battle for the enemy pocket included; Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Arnsberg, Weidenault, Sieburg, and Essen.)  Pocket taken 19 April 1945.
28 Apr 1945 – Departed Recklinghausen, arrived Beckum, Germany.
08 May 1945 – War ended at –––––– European time – 0241
21 Jun 1945 – Departed Beckum, bivuoaced outside Erfurt over night.
23 Jun 1945 – Arrived Augsburg, Germany and departed 27 June 1945.
27 Jun 1945 – Arrived Bamberg, Germany.
The author and historian (Charles C. Wren) departed Bamberg, Germany 15 September 1945 and arrived back home (discharged) 23 October 1945

–Dave Harris


1945–1993 – The 97th Signal Battalion supplied communications for the US Constabulary, Seventh US Army and Central Army Group under NATO

Unit was inactivated at Fort Gordon, Georgia September 1993.

In October 1996, a Memorial Plaque was presented and installed by the 97th Signal Battalion Association honoring all the former members of the battalion at the SIGNAL CORPS MUSEUM, FORT GORDON, GA.  That plaque is on display at the museum.

–Dave Harris


   The 97th Signal Battalion Association was established in May 1989 as a Non–Profit Organization and is Incorporated as such in the state of Arizona.

   The Association was basically formed so that former members of the 97th Signal Battalion could come together once again and meet in camaraderie. The majority of the original members that formed the Association were from the 1942 – 1957 era of service with the unit.  During the past eleven years that reunions have been held, the membership now represents members from all years that the unit was active.  The Battalion remained as an active organization in Germany from 1945 to 1993.  A total of forty eight years as an overseas unit without a break in service to the country.  We feel that this fact is some sort of record for an US Army Battalion.  However; no known search vehicle has been located to verify this fact.

   Membership in the Association is open to any member that served with the battalion or its attached units.  Currently we have over twelve hundred (1200) names in our membership name bank.  This includes Active and Inactive members.

   The Association has established what is referred to as "AREA COORDINATORS".  The major task of these members that have volunteered for this duty is; LOCATING former members of the battalion.  Upon locating these members their duty is to actively recruit these newly found members in becoming active in the organization.  By active it is meant that they become attendees at reunions, run for association offices and pay yearly dues.  Dues by the way is only ten dollars ($10) per year.  Dues have not increased since 1989, and are not anticipated to do so in the near future.

–Dave Harris


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